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Problem switching from obsolete LinearBarCode to BarcodeBuilder

There are properties that are not available when switching from LinearBarcode to BarcodeBuilder such as:

BorderMargins, StartSymbolOfCodabar, ImageMargins, GraphicsUnit, ShowBorder, BitmapImage.

Can you assist me with the conversion?

Thank you.


Thank you for considering Aspose.BarCode!

There are some changes in BarCodeBuilder comparing to LinearBarCode, they are all well considered, discussed and justified.

  • Mapping

LinearBarCode BarCodeBuilder
StartSymbolOfCodabar --> CodabarStartSymbol
StopSymbolOfCodabar --> CodabarStopSymbol
ImageUnit --> GraphicsUnit
ShowBorder --> BorderVisible
BitmapImage --> BarCodeImage
ImageMargins --> Margins

  • Reasons

For example, our prolonged survey suggests that barcode's Border feature is rarely used, and its solicitation property BorderMargins will bring confusion right next to ImageMargins. We then decided to remove BorderMargins and ImageMargins to introduce Margins for controling the marginal area.

Of course, ImageMargins and BorderMargins are still available in BarCodeControl and BarCodeWebControl for compatible reasons, they just became deprecated, but not BarCodeBuilder, since BarCodeBuilder is a new class.

If you need BorderMargins property badly enough, please resort to LinearBarCode.

  • Issues

Last yet not least, you mensioned about volume problems about LinearBarCode earlier. Is it the case with BarCodeBuilder? We are very concerned about this. Please keep us informed about the outcome.

Thank you very much!

Thank you. I did not mention or have experianced a volume problem; however, I will be glad to try and put together or run a test if you have any sample code to reproduce the problem. I saw that it was mentioned in another posting by another user.


OMG! I was totally overwhelmed by other posts, my bad.

We will organise stress tests shortly about that issue, however, I am really happy to see your offer, thank you.

p.s. our image rendering improvement also affects LinearBarCode, one can keep on using LinearBarCode without changing any code. The only drawback is that it does not support 2D barcodes for apparent reasons (the name "LinearBarCode").

Best regards