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Problem upgrading from V5.1.0.0 to V18.4.0.0


We are trying to upgrade Aspose.Slides in an old .Net application VB code. But we get a lot of errors when we try to compile.
For example:
Aspose.Slides.Presentation.Write does not exist anymore
Aspose.Slides.Presentation.Pictures does not exist anymore
Aspose.Slides.Slides does not exist anymore
Aspose.Slides.TextHolder does not exist anymore

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Do you have a list where everything has moved? Or what should we do if we don’t want to rewrite everything.

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I have observed your comments. I like to inform that new versions are more updated and contains more features as compare to old version and support is always provided based on new version so please try to use latest version and if there is still an issue than report here so that we may help you out. Also please visit this documentation link which contains updated sample codes according to latest version.


Thanks for your answer. So you mean that it is not possible to find any information about what features have replaced those who have disappeared since the version we have?
Instead we need to rewrite our code with the help of the updated samples


I have observed your comments. I like to inform that you are using very old version which is currently not supported. You have to rewrite your code according to new versions. Please visit this release notes page which contain information about new features and which features are removed from api. Also please explore old version in release notes.