Problem when I rename a sheet


After generating my excel file, I can open or save it.

When I open my file, if I want to rename a sheet for example by XXX, my sheet is renamed by : .xls]XXX.

When I save the file on my computer and open it after, I can rename correctly my sheet.

I use Excel (french) 2002 SP1 and windows XP.
The problem is the same with excel 2003.

Someone knows this problem ?


That a problem of MS Excel working with IE. It also happens in my machine when using OpenInExcel save option.

This problem is irrelevant to Aspose.Excel. I put a small sample at It directly reads the file and sends it to client browser without using Aspose.Excel. This problem still exists when you open the file.

The workaround is when you send file to client browser, choosing the OpenInBrowser save option. Or you can advice your users not to change the sheet name in this case.