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Problem when putting text into the same cell twice - while using Characters object

Hi, All!

Do anybody know how to solve a problem or workaround of the following problem - there is no possibility to put text into the same cell twice - after first PutValue() call, and getting Characters object, next PutValue() call do not work.
This is the piece of my code:

Cell oCell2 = oWorkSheet.Cells[30,30];
Characters oCharacters = oCell2.Characters(1,5);
oCell2.PutValue(“2222222”); <- After this call the StringValue of cell is still “1111111”.

What can be a reason for this behavior?
I am using the Aspose.Excel version.

Thanks in advance.

Please try this fix.

Laurence, thank you very much, the problem has been resolved! I have not tried to use the latest hotfix before posting.