Problem when re-saving an MPP file opened with Aspose (no modification) (1.7 MB)

When I open the attached file with Aspose and try to re-save it, I’m getting an Error.


Project asProject = new Project("C:\\temp\\qwerty3.mpp");"c:\\temp\\output.mpp", SaveFileFormat.MPP);


Exception in thread "main" com.aspose.tasks.TasksWritingException: Project writing exception.
	at com.aspose.tasks.brf.a(Unknown Source)
	at com.aspose.tasks.czd.a(Unknown Source)
	at com.aspose.tasks.czd.a(Unknown Source)
	at Source)
	at AsposeParseMppFile.main(
Caused by: com.aspose.tasks.TasksWritingException: 
Writing project's tasks started.
Writing task with UID='0' started.
Writing tasks fixed meta started.
Writing tasks fixed meta finished.
Writing tasks fixed data started.
Writing tasks fixed data finished.
Writing tasks variable data started.
reference type or nullable type required
	at com.aspose.tasks.blx.a(Unknown Source)
	at com.aspose.tasks.brf.a(Unknown Source)
	at com.aspose.tasks.brf.q(Unknown Source)
	at com.aspose.tasks.brf.l(Unknown Source)
	... 5 more

This looks similar to the error we already submitted in , but the stacktrace is different so I’m opening a new thread just to check whether this is the same Aspose bug or not.



We were able to reproduce the issue at our end with the latest version of Aspose.Tasks for Java API. It has been logged as TASKSJAVA-377 for further investigation by our Product team. We’ll update you here once there is further information or a fix version available in this regard.