Problem while replacing the placeholder with value

Hi Team,
We are having an issue with the placeholder value replacement in the word template in one of our application.
Users configures placeholder on the word template i.e. [%PlaceHolder%] and application uses Aspose word library (version to replace placeholder with the value.
It works fine for all the placeholders (starts with " [% " then text and end with " %] " ) but some placeholders were not getting replaced while processing.
Root cause:
After analysis we found issue occurs for some format sequence inserted by MS Word at background of the template whilst creating placeholder.

** For example: ** Below text was created in background
for [%Private Address Line 1%]

Please see the attachment 1.
While correct one would be:
please see the attachment 2.
Current Implementation:
We are using Aspose word (version for word processing. We have a scenario in which we are replacing placeholders (for ex. [%ABC%]) with some values using replacing method (public override ReplaceAction Replacing(ReplacingArgs args)) of IReplacingCallback interface.

public override ReplaceAction Replacing(ReplacingArgs args)
    return ReplaceWith(args, (builder) =>
        if (TextColor != Color.Empty)
            builder.Font.Color = TextColor;

Now a question is:
Is there any way to resolve above issue using Aspose word version
Or we need to upgrade it to latest version of aspose .

Hi Ratnesh,

Thanks for your inquiry. It would be great if you please share following details for testing purposes. I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.

  • Please create a simple application (for example a Console Application Project) that helps us reproduce the same problem on our end and attach it here for testing.
  • Please supply us with the input document that is causing the issue
  • Please supply us with the output document showing the undesired behavior
  • Please supply us with the expected document showing the desired behavior (You can create this document using Microsoft Word).