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Problem while using GetThumbnail()


First of all thanks for providing the free evaluation.

I've downloaded the dll(ver and i prepared a demo to extract the thumbnails of all the slides in an uploaded presentation.

Size objSize = new Size(800,600);

System.Drawing.Image objImage = objPresentation.SlidesIdea [I].GetThumbnail(objSize);

It works fine. All thumbnails are extracted and saved as jpg. But I cannot open these saved images in internet explorer. But when i save this image manually, by opening it in mspaint and rename it(with same extension .jpg), it can be viewed in ie.

Why is it so?

My requirement is that I want to save the slides in a ppt as images.

Waiting for your reply,

Thanks in Advance


The main question is “How you save images?”. If I save it as
pres.Slides[ i ].GetThumbnail(size).Save(fname, ImageFormat.Jpeg);
there are no any problems with opening images in IE.

Image.Save method is a .Net runtime and doesn’t belong to Aspose.Slides library.