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Problem with AutoFilter Multi-Range


we have a problem with the AutoFilter and setting a Multi-Range (I’d call it that way):

Say, we want to set AutoFilters for the following Ranges:


Usually this is represented through a string like "A1:C256;F1:H256;K1:L256"

When I set AutoFilter.Range to this string, I get an exception telling me the string was invalid.

Is there a way to achieve the required range definition for an AutoFilter, or is there a different way to specify a non-contiguous range of cells for an AutoFilter?


Kai Iske

Hi Kai,

Could you set autofilter to multi-range(as you called) in MS Excel? I found it was impossible. So you cannot set autofilter to multi-range in Aspose.Excel.

In your case, you can try “A1:K1”.


never mind, this does not seem to be my week Smile

Of course you can’t set a non-contiguous AutoFilter in Excel. I should have done the final step and select AutoFilter for my multi column selection. I have done now and see it.