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Problem with bullets


I’m working on a project with an automatic generation of powerpoint.

I have to add bullets. On my test machine, I have bullets that appear, but when I test from another machine, I have a blank square instead of bullet.

My code:

case “[data]”:
System.Drawing.Color color = tf.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].RawFontColor;
tf.Paragraphs[0].HasBullet = true;
tf.Paragraphs[0].BulletColor = Color.DarkRed;
tf.Paragraphs[0].BulletCharacter = Convert.ToChar(“➔”);
tf.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].Text = maTable.Rows[j][“Inno_Sentence” + langue].ToString();
tf.Paragraphs[0].Portions[0].RawFontHeight = 18;

Paragraph para = new Paragraph();
Portion port = new Portion();

para = new Paragraph();
port = new Portion();
tf.Paragraphs[2].HasBullet = true;
tf.Paragraphs[2].BulletColor = Color.DarkRed;
tf.Paragraphs[2].BulletCharacter = Convert.ToChar(“✓”);
tf.Paragraphs[2].Alignment = TextAlignment.Left;
tf.Paragraphs[2].RawTextOffset = 400;
tf.Paragraphs[2].RawBulletOffset = 400;
tf.Paragraphs[2].Portions[0].RawFontColor = color;
tf.Paragraphs[2].Portions[0].Text = maTable.Rows[j][“Rang_Name”].ToString();
tf.Paragraphs[2].Portions[0].RawFontHeight = 16;

para = new Paragraph();
port = new Portion();

para = new Paragraph();
port = new Portion();
tf.Paragraphs[4].HasBullet = true;
tf.Paragraphs[4].BulletColor = Color.DarkRed;
tf.Paragraphs[4].BulletCharacter = Convert.ToChar(“✓”);
tf.Paragraphs[4].Alignment = TextAlignment.Left;
tf.Paragraphs[4].RawTextOffset = 400;
tf.Paragraphs[4].RawBulletOffset = 400;
tf.Paragraphs[4].Portions[0].RawFontColor = color;
tf.Paragraphs[4].Portions[0].Text = maTable.Rows[j][“Coun_Name” + langue].ToString();
tf.Paragraphs[4].Portions[0].RawFontHeight = 16;


I do not see what could disrupt the display bullets

While waiting for an answer that would help me

(sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: )

Hi Nasty,

I have observed the issue shared by you. My initial response is that your other machine where you are getting squares does not have the fonts installed that are used in bullet rendering. Kindly install the fonts used on the other machine.

Many Thanks,

thank you for an answer so quickly.
I check it and I made ​​a feedback if it’s not that

I check the installation of fonts, but I always blank characters in place of my bullets when I test from another machine.

I tried with other characters, it works, but with the bullets required, its not working

If you have an idea I’m interested

EDIT : I’ve only the problem when I try to add a dingbats bullets. I’ve try with geometric shape, it’s ok.
I’ve try to create a new font for dingbats. It’s the same. That work on my computer but not when I test from another computer


Hi Nasty,

I like to share that if it would have been an issue with Aspose.Slides for .NET then you may not have got the correctly rendered bullets on one machine as well. The only reason for blocked characters appearing instead of correct bullets is due to missing fonts. I may still suggest you to try on another machine. Secondly, please share that which version of Aspose.Slides you are using along with the environment information related to both machines where you have verified the issue. Please also share your sample project code and generated presentations for reference.

Many Thanks,