Problem with carriage returns in formfield



I've had some troubles with using formfields which include carriage returns.
I have a document with several formfields and one of those contains a carriage return. After I pass the MS Word document through Aspose.Word I call this statement: oAD.Range.FormFields.Item(15).Result

Normally this statement will return me the value of the formfield, but when one of the formfields contains a carriage return I will get this error:
Cannot find a documentfield that wraps this form field.

The problem only occurs when the document is in secure mode (protected document/form fields).

Would it be possible to fix this so that the formfields can handle carriage returns as well?

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Yes, I see it’s an omission on our side. We didn’t realize the form fields can contain multiple paragraphs. Will fix asap.



Is this already solved in 1.7.4 ?



No, this is not yet fixed, but we are working on it.


Hi Romank,

Can you give us an indication when you think it is solved? I don’t like to push things but we have a major problem because we already have the app in production.

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Hans replacing Richard (on holiday)


I’ll try to have this ready tomorrow.


Hi, multiple paragraphs are now allowed inside text form fields, download Aspose.Word 1.7.5



After inserting text with carriage returns we now have a problem with the layout of the document.
When we open our empty document everything is fine. After adding some text with carriage returns we save our document.
Then we load the document again and the layout shows some strange behaviours.
The problem only occurs when we view the document in view print layout mode and the formfield is filled this way:

oAD.Range.FormFields.Item(1).Result = "Regel 1" + Chr(13) + "Regel 3"

We need to do this, because some elements of the document are saved elsewhere in our database.

Here you find a link of an example of the probleem we are facing.

Thanks in advance,

Dennie and Hans (trying to replace Richard ;-))


Released Aspose.Word 1.7.6 that allows to insert and remove multiparagraph text from form fields.