Problem with character coverting from DOC to HTML


There seems to be a problem coverting the registered trademark symbol (®) from Word to HTML.

I have attached an input Word document, which when saved back as a Word document comes out fine, but when saved as HTML has the incorrect character:

Document doc = new Document(@“c:\input1.doc”);


doc.Save(@“c:\output_html.html”, SaveFormat.FormatHtml);


It is strange. The registered trademark symbol (®) in output_html.html is displayed correctly on my computer. Screenshot attached.


I’m not sure where this bug lies.

If I view the file in Internet Explorer, I get the registered trademark symbol like you. I was looking at it in Firefox though, which displays it as:
â (see screenshot)

I think IE displays the file incorrectly, as the html file which was attached specifies â - this for some reason is displayed as ® in IE, which isn’t right.

I think Aspose should output ® rather than â


Unfortunately ® is displayed incorrectly in IE. If we follow your advise it will make our IE using customers unhappy. I cannot say which browser is right and which is wrong in this situation. But MS Word generates â when document is saved in html format. So we need to follow its wake.