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Problem with charts after exporting to ppt


I have a problem with my charts. After export from RS to ppt my charts look "agly". Quality is low, images are blurry..etc. Is it possible to produce slides of higher quality/standard?

Best regards,

Kinga Leiser

Dear Kinga,

Please attach RDL report and its PDF and PPT exports. Also mention the version of ASRS which is causing this problem.

Voila :)

Thank you very much for your help,

Kinga Leiser

I forgot to add that I’m usin evaluation version…

Dear Kinga,

Thanks for providing these files. Sorry for the confusion, I meant version number actually.

Assembly Version


I haven’t seen any replies from this so wanted to add some more information.

Basically, it seems that when using reporting services and exporting to PDF or Excel, my charts and images come out very poor quality.

I have read other links on this site (u5:p</u5:p>


talking about poor image quality, but this has always concerned the .NET products I beleive.

Are there any options, like the fixes in the above cases, that are applicable to the reporting services products?

All and any help is appreciated as we have a real business need for this, we hoped ASPose would be the solution but currently, it is not at a good enough quality to be workable.

Many thanks in advance,

Hello…can anyone help with this?

Dear Kinga,

We are still working on to fix this problem and there is a some delay of about one or two more weeks. But I will let you know if it is fixed sooner. Thanks for your patience.

Hello Kinga,

We investigated the problem. I should tell Aspose.Slides doesn’t change images at all.
The same image inserted to pdf and ppt reports. The only difference is file viewer.
Acrobat Reader can scale and show images much better than PowerPoint.