Problem with conversion from dot to pdf

I’ve converted the attached dot file to pdf, but the document was not converted correctly.
For example there is no separation between fields COGNOME D’ALO’NOME LEONARDOSESSO.
Could you please look at it?
Thanks for help.
I have checked this and found that Aspose.Pdf creates the pdf exactly as it is specified by the xml generated by Aspose.Words. So please post this file on the Aspose.Words forum and let them have a look at it to see how this can be improved.
Adeel Ahmad
Support Developer
Aspose Changsha Team

Thank you for using Aspose components.
I see the problem with form fields. They are really rendered without separation. Let’s discuss how we can improve this.
Form field as a document element has no explicitly specifiable width. It’s a “rubber” box which can be given a value and rendered in MS Word to fit it. If you open Properties on any of them you can specify text and the form field will be expanded. Remove the text from Properties and it is restored to some default size. But you cannot anyhow specify width in Properties dialogue.
We can output empty form fields as several spaces or non-breaking spaces. But this couldn’t be always what MS Word does. It’s a rendering problem. Aspose.Words doesn’t render anything but gives information stored in the document model in appropriate form to the renderer, namely to Aspose.Pdf.
Usually form fields are utilized together with table formatting. If we put every form field and to separate table cell we can fully control its size. They can be given either minimum or exact height. Width should be enough to fit form field data without wrapping in most cases. You can refactor your document template using this simple tip. Let me know whether this helps you.

this dot is used by different applications so I can’t modify this.
I’m using Aspose with other dot that have similar structure and this problem is not present.
The only difference, I notice, is that between formfields in this dot there is a tab space in other dot there is a single space.

If you cannot change the source let’s do something in Aspose.Words. I have logged this issue as #4381 in our defect database. We’ll try to fix it and will notify you when it is done or some progress comes.

We have released a new version of Aspose.Words that contains a fix for this issue.
Issue #4381 - Empty form field should be output wider to look like in MS Word
The new version of Aspose.Words is available for download from here.
Best regards.