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Problem with corrupted text in workbook

hello - can you help me - i'm using aspose cells to open an existing workbook and then stream it to a browser all works fine except when the file opens in excel, the fonts and text are corrupted


(i'm using version but i have downloaded the latest 4.4 and tied it in that and I get the same problem)


Thanks for the template file.

We will check and figure it out soon.

Thank you.


Could you post the protected password of the workbook? It will help us to check the problem.

Attached is the protected workbook - the password to unprotect it is 'astra'

Ive tried opening and saving both the protected and unprotected versions and I still get the garbage text when the file is streamed to the browser


Could you post unprotected file? If i unprotected the file and save the file with Excel ,then open with Aspose.Cells, it will works fine.

This is the code for opening and streaming the file I'm using - It doesnt matter whether I use the protected or unprotected file - i corrupts the file

Dim fstream As FileStream = Nothing


primarySheet = path + "/Docs/secondary.xls"

InitLicense() ' checks the license

Dim workbook As New Aspose.Cells.Workbook()

Dim sheet As Aspose.Cells.Worksheet

fstream = New FileStream(primarySheet, FileMode.Open)


sheet = workbook.Worksheets(0)

workbook.Save("secondary.XLS", Aspose.Cells.FileFormatType.Default, Aspose.Cells.SaveType.OpenInExcel, response)

Catch ex As Exception

Throw ex


If Not fstream Is Nothing Then fstream.Close()

End Try

End Sub

Attached is a screensht of what I get from Excel when it streams

(image file is zipped)

Hi Steve,

Please try this fix.