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Problem with default font on server when opening OneNote

Hi Aspose team,

I have weird situation - when I try to open OneNote document on development machine all works ok but when I copy same code to deployment server (this is Web application) and try to load same document I am getting error:

InnerException: System.ArgumentException: Unable to set provided font as default Parameter name: defaultFontName at Aspose.Note.Fonts.FontsSubsystem.(String , Dictionary2 ) at Aspose.Note.Fonts.FontsSubsystem..ctor(Stream defaultFont, Dictionary2 fontsSubstitutions) at ??..ctor(Stream ) at ??..ctor() at ??..cctor()

Message: The type initializer for ‘??’ threw an exception.

Source: Aspose.Note

StackTrace: at Aspose.Note.Page…ctor(Document document) at ??.???() at ??.???() at ??.() at ??.???() at ??.(Stream , Document , LoadOptions ) at Aspose.Note.Document.(String , LoadOptions ) at Aspose.Note.Document…ctor(String filePath, LoadOptions loadOptions) at Application.Processor.Controllers.OneNoteToPDFController.d__0.MoveNext() in C:_Projects\Application\App.Processor\Controllers\OneNoteToPDFController.cs:line 64

Code is very simple: Document wb = new Document(uploadFolder + @"" + fileNameOld, new LoadOptions() { LoadHistory = false });

but unfortunately I cannot share project as most likely on your computers it will work anyway.

What might be a root cause/difference between my computer and server? Obviously something with fonts but any idea how to resolve that?

Btw. I use Aspose.Note 20.3 version.

P.S. I tried also without LoadOptions and had the same problem.


Thank you for your query.

Please share your runnable simplified application, template OneNote file and complete details of your environments where same code is behaving in different manner. We will try to reproduce the issue here and provide assistance accordingly.