Problem with doc to html

Hi Aspose Team,
I think you have change how you handle conversion of word table to html between version and
My problem is I was relying on the way as I’m doing some treatment of the HTML produce.
In version, if a table contains a TableStart mergefield, you place the TableStart mergefield just before the <tr> tag.
In version, you leave the TableStart mergefield where it is.
Can you go back to version way?
Or, can you add a ‘convertToHtml_PreservingMergefield’ method?
I’ve attached documents showing the problem :

  • a word template
  • the resulting html with version
  • the resulting html with version

In the html version, you will see that mergefield are present.
This is the treatment I’m doing.
I convert the template to an html document, and I save the resulting html in a Word document.
So, I can preserve mergefield in the converted html and improve performance.
Please go to the end of the html version.
I’ve highlight the difference between version an d


Thanks for your inquiry. I tried to convert your document to HTML using both Aspose.Words 7.0.0 and 6.6.0 versions and cannot see any different between the output HTML files, except version of Aspose.Words in the header. Please find the attached html document produced on my side.
Best regards.

Hi alexey,
You are truly right, I think the problem is in my treatment then.
Thanks for your help.