Problem with fonts styles presentation's notes that was created with the help of Aspose.Slides

There is example of presentation in attachment. This presentation was created with the help of Aspose.Slides. If you open this presentation in PowerPoint you’ll see that only first row have bold text, all other rows just plain text. But if you open this presentation with Aspose.Slides you can see in debugger that text on 2,3 and 4 rows should be bold or italic or underline, because properties FontBold, FontItalic, FontUnderline are set to true.
What wrong with this presentation? Why text is not bol italic and underline in PowerPoint?

Dear Roman Kruglyakov,

The ppt file you sent contains only a single slide which is empty.

Look at notes, please. There are problems with fonts in notes.

Dear Krug,

Kindly, try the code below to see properties of the text inside the note, everything looks fine to me. Please also tell me, which MS-PowerPoint version you are using.

void FontInNotes()
    Presentation pres = new Presentation("example.ppt");
    Notes sldNotes = pres.GetSlideByPosition(1).Notes;

    //Console.WriteLine("Note Text=" + sldNotes.Paragraphs.Count);

    foreach (Paragraph para in sldNotes.Paragraphs)
        foreach (Portion portion in para.Portions)
            Console.WriteLine("[Font Bold]=" + (portion.FontBold == true));
            Console.WriteLine("[Font Italic]=" + (portion.FontItalic == true));
            Console.WriteLine("[Font Underline]=" + (portion.FontUnderline == true));
            Console.WriteLine("[Portion Text]=" + portion.Text);

I use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 (11.8110.8107) SP2.
Code you provide show for me that text in notes should be bold and/or italic and/or underline, but in PowerPoint text doesn’t bold, italic or underline.
I see in PowerPoint:

text text text bold text
text Italic and bold
Bold text
Italic Bold Underlined

In first row text is bold only, but on other rows just plain text without formating.

Dear Krug,

Just add a single space at the start of all lines and then remove them and save the presentation and then see the bold/italic/underline properties, it will work fine. Actually, you might have inserted some characters which were bold/italic/underlined and then removed from the presentation, MS PowerPoint generated some extra information about that which confuses Aspose.Slides.

Anyway, we will rectify it as soon as possible.

Dear Krug,

Download the latest version of Aspose.Slides from here. Create your presentation once again, then read it with Aspose.Slides and MS PowerPoint, and if you still find this problem, then report us.