Problem with Formula in Designer Sheet


I use SmartMarkers and formulas in my DesignerSheet. One of the columns in the designer will be populated with integer values. As I would like to sum these values, I put the SUM-function below the SmartMarker.
After Aspose.Excel has created the Excel-file from my template, everything seems to work correctly. The SUM-function has been shifted down and the values where inserted, but the SUM-function does not work. Also, if I explicitly set the cell format to “Number”, the function doesn’t work.
I assume this happens because the column in the dataTable, which contains the values in my ASP.NET application is of the type “String”.

- Is this assumption correct?
- If yes, is there a way to make formulas work without changing the column type in the data table.
- If not: what could be the reason for the described behaviour?

Thanks for you help!



Dear Wolfo,

I think you are correct. You have to change the column type to number.

Since your column type is string, Aspose.Excel will recognize data as strings, not number. In MS Excel, SUM function will not work on strings.