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Problem with HTML

aim trying to render data that contains html tags to my pdf document.

aim trying to add text using this code:

Dim MyReportTitle As New Text("Employee Details")

MyReportTitle.IsHtmlTagSupported = True

MyReportTitle.TextInfo.Alignment = AlignmentType.Center

MyReportTitle.Margin.Top = 25


and the result is <font face='Arial' size='12' color='#FF2266'>Employee Details

and aim trying to render data that contain HTML tages into table using this code

Dim row1 As Row = NewTable.Rows.Add()

Dim iText As New Text("Hasan")

iText.IsHtmlTagSupported = True

Dim departmentCell As Cell = row1.Cells.Add()


and the result is an Empty Row

Please advice

Thanks for considering Aspose.

Please try following code :

1st Q:

Dim MyReportTitle As New Text(ReportHeader,"Employee Details")

2nd Q:

Dim iText As New Text("Hasan")

Dim departmentCell As Cell = row1.Cells.Add(iText)