Problem with layouts/master in cloned slides

Dear msfaiz,

we have following problem with layouts/master in ppt (2007 save as pp2003 format) where we need your support.

We have an Web-Application that allows users to build their own PPT from a selection of others.
With the Original-test-File ( you will see that there is a problem with layouts/master after cloning the slides. (

The first slide has the Layout „Zwei Inhalte“ with a text Area on the left and a picture on the right site.
If you clone this slide a new Layout "Leer“ will be inserted to the cloned slide. This Layout “Leer” is not a part from the original “master-Test1.ppt”!!
See picture in:

If we try to set the correct layout in PowerPoint the wished Layout „Zwei Inhalte“ is wrong / parts are missing.
See picture:

Result: text area and picture are together in the left site and a new paragraph are on the right site. The picture should remain on the right site but this is the bug. The clone-function deletes the selection to the layout-paragraphs.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions


Dear Ingo,

Only these layouts are compatible. Please see SlideLayout Enumeration

Dear msfaiz,

are these layouts pp2003 or pp2007 or both?



These are basically PP2003 layouts and are also supported in PP2007.

Dear msfaiz,

the problem also occurs with the standard layouts.

See: - simple slides with standard layouts

See: - generated ppt from layouts1.ppt. You can see the new layout ‘empty’ with the wrong selection to the slides!

What can we do?