Problem with MailAddress constructor


I’m currently having a problem where i need to construct a MailAddress object with an address, a display name, specific encoding AND no smtp check.

The problem is that MailAddress only has a constructor with either encoding OR smtpcheck.

What am I suppose to do when I need both (ie: “MailAddress(string address, string displayName, bool ignoreSmtpCheck, Encoding displayNameEncoding)”)?

As a workaround in the meantime I’ve used only the smtpcheck, and removed the encoding.

But it’s not a viable option for the future and am hoping for a fix.



Thank you for inquiry.

I have added this task in our issue tracking system (ID: 20034). We will inform you when it will become available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as 20034) have been fixed in [this update](

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