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Problem with openning SpreadsheetML format

I have a problem with opening file in XML Spreadsheet format. I have created the file by MSExcel and save it to the file in XML Streadsheet format.
This code throws exception “Error in opening SpreadsheetML file”.

Workbook book = new Workbook();
book.Open(@“D:\SupplyVisibilityReport060713_xml.xml”, FileFormatType.SpreadsheetML);

I have tried also to open file from default format and save it to the SpreadsheetML format. It was done ok but the saved SpreadsheetML file cannot be opened by MSExcel.

Thanks for some ideas.


Hi JakubS,

Could you please post your SpreadsheetML file here? I will check it ASAP.

And which version of Aspose.Cells are you using?

here are the files in the attachement.
Thank you very much.

Jakub Skrobak

I am using version

Jakub Skrobak

Please try this attached version.

Hello, my name is Yadi. I 've created excel reports that use xml writer from Carlos AG ( want it to be converted to Excel 2000/2003. So my company decided to buy Aspose.Cells because it says that Aspose can convert spreadsheetML to Excel 2000/2003. But after we bought, and i try…the problem occur. The document can be converted to Excel 2000, but it can’t be opened.Of cource, i can change my program to build Excel from scratch, but it was wasting time…so pleasee help me…pleasee

Thanks in advance

Could you download my attached fix? If yes, please try it.

If it still doesn't work for you, please post your spreadsheetML file here. I will check it ASAP.

I’ve attached my file And this is my code :

If System.IO.File.Exists(Server.MapPath(“keren.xls”)) Then


End If

Dim workbook As Aspose.Cells.Workbook = New Aspose.Cells.Workbook

workbook.Open(Server.MapPath(“result.xml”), Aspose.Cells.FileFormatType.SpreadsheetML)

workbook.Save(Server.MapPath(“keren.xls”), Aspose.Cells.FileFormatType.Excel2000)

Thanks in advance…I hope you can answer my question

I have tried your new version and it still does not work. I got the exception “Error in opening SpreadsheetML file.”. The xml file is zipped in the attachement.


Hi JakubS and Yadi,

I checked both of your xml files and all worked fine. Maybe I uploaded the wrong version. I rebuilt a new version of Aspose.Cells and attached it here. It's v4.0.0.5.

When you use the new version, please remove reference to old dll in your project and re-add the reference to the new dll. Please make sure the new version is used in your program.

hello mr laurence. I've tried to use your dll. But it's still the same.I've captured the error message

This is my code :

If System.IO.File.Exists(Server.MapPath("result.xls")) Then


End If

Dim workbook As Aspose.Cells.Workbook = New Aspose.Cells.Workbook

workbook.Open(Server.MapPath("result.xml"), Aspose.Cells.FileFormatType.SpreadsheetML)

workbook.Save(Server.MapPath("result.xls"), Aspose.Cells.FileFormatType.Excel2000)

I've also tried to save to excel97 and excel2003. But it's still the same. Have you tried my xml file i've attach in my post before ? It was generated by xml writer. Please help me Mr Laurence, cos i' ve to finish my code this week, and it's imposible to recreate all of my reports from scratch..Pleasee help mee..:((

Thanks a lot before

Sorry, my mistake.

There is already a result.xml in my machine and I test based on it. However it's from another user.

I find the problem and fix it in the attached v4.0.0.6. Please try it.