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Problem with output to PDF


We have a problem with a form letter that saves okay in DOC format, but the formatting is wrong when we export for conversion to PDF.

There are two specific problems:

1. A logo image appears in the wrong position on the first page, and does not appear at all on subsequent pages.

2. The font size on the banner/masthead mysteriously changes size.

I've created a test document that exhibits the problem - I'll attach the PDF output to this post and mail you the source files.

Environment: Windows 2000 SP4, .NET Framework version 1.1.4322.573, Aspose.Word.dll v2.3.0.0 Aspose.Pdf.dll v2.1.7.12, MS Word 2000, Adobe Acrobat 5




Thank you, we’ll try to resolve this as soon as possible.

  1. I’ve fixed the font issue in Aspose.Word 2.3.2 (keep an eye on my blog, I will publish the release in the next 1-2 days).

    The font problem was caused by font formatting Raised 8pts. You can workaround right now without waiting for the hotfix if you remove this raised formatting (it is not fully supported by Aspose.Pdf anyway).

    2. The image lost its position because it employs some complex relative positioning that cannot be properly resolved by our DOC to PDF export. You can solve this problem by positioning the image relative to the page boundary as opposed to the paragraph and column. Attached document demonstrates that.

    3. Since you plan to start using mail merge (and possible merge several records into one document) it could cause problem when duplicating floating images. The best option is to convert the image into an inline shape. To position an inline shape you probably need to draw a table and position the image in one of the table cells.

    4. Aspose.Pdf seems to draw a table border in one place where it does not exist, I’ve reported this to our PDF team.

    So in summary, if you reset the Raised text formatting and change the image positioning type your document will work much better.

    Also, wait for the next Aspose.Word and Aspose.Pdf hotfixes and use them, they should improve on some of the issues I mentioned.