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Problem with page size when printing PDF

Hi, we’re creating the attached PDF document using Aspose.PDF 4.2.1. We’re setting the PageHeight and PageWidth properties of the Document and of each section to A3. When opening the document with Adobe Reader the page format is A3 and that is correct, but when printing the page format is A4. Is there a possibility to set the print page format? Thanks and best regards.

Hi Sacha,

Thanks for using our products.

Aspose.Pdf only provides the capability to specify the page size information while the PDF document is being generated. Whereas Printing is post PDF generation activity so I am afraid Aspose.Pdf does not have any control over this operation. However, you may try using public void PrintDocumentWithSettings(PageSettings,PrinterSettings); method of PdfViewer Class present in Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET. For more information, I am forwarding this query to Aspose.Pdf.Kit forum where I believe my fellow worker taking care of this product would be in better position to share more appropriate information. We are sorry for this inconvenience.