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Problem with paragraph breaks


My general question is this: Is it possible to get Aspose InsertHtml to behave exactly as setting bookmark plain text in OLE automation, or are there known differences between the two?

We have an application that inserts text into Word using OLE Automation, inserting text with line breaks. We are also inserting text with Aspose, and need to make the two match. If I insert using builder.write, I get large paragraph breaks and have trouble with Unicode characters. If I use InsertHTML, the unicode characters work fine, and the paragraph breaks look good, but the number of paragraph breaks sometimes doesn’t match exactly the number in Word automation. It’s as if extra paragraphs are being inserted, not following any pattern I can see. I have added an InsertNode handler to make sure paragraphs formatting carries from paragraph to paragraph, which helps, but there are still discrepancies in the number of breaks.

Any tips?



Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Could you please attach your template and code that will allow us to reproduce the issues you are having? We will take a closer look into this behaviour and provide you with some feedback.