Problem with picture in header



We are evaluating your product - and it looks great. There’s only one thing we are having trouble with (and its kinda crutial). I our letter we have a header with a small icon (jpg) in the left corner and then some text. When doing a mailmerge the “frame” this picture is placed in get blown up, and is destroying our design (its overlabing the text). Are we doing anything wrong? If it due to the eval license?

And another small thing not related to your product - can’t you in Word insert a mergefield with ctrl+f9? When trying to it seems that Word is ignoring it (it disapers when doing alt+f9)




Thank you for your interest and the good report about our product.

Could you please attach your document template that contains the issue to let us have a look at it?

Regarding your second question - Alt-F9 is intended for switching between field codes and their results, so does the inserted field completely disappear after pressing Alt-F9, i.e. doesn’t it appear again if you press this shortcut once more?