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Problem with Print_Titles

I’m having problems with the Aspose.Excel component – specifically with the setting PrintTitleRows and / or Copying sheets.

For example: If I define a range for Print_Title (either in an Excel designer OR with the Apose.Excel component) and then I use Apose.Excel to copy that sheet, I get the following error:

Cannot be the same as built-in name.
Old Name: Print_Titles
New Name: ______________

I can get rid of the error if I remove the Print_Titles range, but I don’t want to do that.

I discovered something else that is very strange. I can also get rid of the error by NOT renaming the copied Excel Sheets. Right now, I’m naming the sheets based on certain dates (i.e. 02-05-2005, 02-10-2005, etc…). When I name the sheets this way, I get the error.
However, if I DON’T rename the sheets, or if I name them something germane like "Steve1, Steve2, Steve3, etc…) I won’t get the error.

I don’t understand this.
Any ideas?

Hi Steve,

Which version are you using? Have your tried the latest hotfix?

If the problem still occurs, please send your designer file and sample code to me. Thank you.