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Problem with Printing RTF File containing German Umlaut

I am using the following code to print the attached rtf file with the “Microsoft print to PDF” printer. The German Umlaut will be replaced with “?”

RtfLoadOptions l = new RtfLoadOptions
    Encoding = Encoding.UTF8,
    RecognizeUtf8Text = true
Document doc = new Document("C:\\Temp\\128330-10010 UStVA-44-2021.rtf", l);

doc.Print("Microsoft Print to PDF");

I am using Aspose.Words V23.1
What can I do to get the correct output?

128330-10010 UStVA-44-2021.zip (4.4 KB)

@FK1 We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): WORDSNET-24923

You can obtain Paid Support services if you need support on a priority basis, along with the direct access to our Paid Support management team.

Hello alexey,
I noticed my attached rtf file when opend in notepad shows this
65001 => UTF-8
the missing ‘ü’ is the character hex code in UTF-8 “FC”

when I change this line within the rtf file with

and do

Document doc = new Document("M:\\128330-10010 UStVA-44-2021_fix.rtf");
doc.Print("Microsoft Print to PDF");

the characters are displayed correctly within the pdf.
the ‘ü’ hex code in codepage 1252 is “FC” as well.

It seems that Aspose is not using the correct Encoding.

@FK1 Thank you for additional information. Yes, our developers also noticed this. It is required to improve code page detection algorithm used by Aspose.Words.
We will keep you updated and let you know once the issue is resolved.