Problem with "Layout Square" formatting of pictures

Attached is a document with various usages of a picture, formatted with the “Square” style. In each case the boundries of the image are not respected in the generated PDF. I have been able to achieve a workaround using the “other” mode in one document, but as the document’s formatting is not usually our choice I am curious is there is another solution.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

We will look into this issue asap. Please check back later.

The limitations are caused by Aspose.Pdf:

  1. Inline images are not supported (they are positioned as separate paragraphs)
  2. Text wrapping around images is not supported.

Aspose.Pdf will export inline images as standalone paragraphs.

Aspose.Pdf supports positioning options for floating images (relative to page, margin, paragraph etc), but the positioning option must be the same for both horizontal and vertical position.

Please use floating images as described above or create a table without borders and use cells to position images.

For more info see this