Problem with Rich Text Editor


I am planing to use aspose.word in my project, for testing i am creating a small project to check.
My applciation is a desktop aaplication having a form and a rich text box some how same like the place where i am entering this text. when i am creating the word document it not preserving the verious text sizes, fonts, color and alingment asigned from the control.
e.g “My Name is vijay”. The word document is not geting printed as i am entering. Can you tell me what seting do i need to save all the fonts, color etc i am using. Can i do this or not? If yes then how i was trying to split all the text then chech hichfont is this and then set the doc property for that but i dont think thats a prominent way. Is there any property to set so i can save as it is entered.

I am develoing the application using .NET, C# and its a desktop control.
Reply ASAP is highly appriciated.


I am afraid that you won't be able to achieve what you want with Aspose.Words library right now. RichTextBox can give you text in RTF or as plain text. Unfortunately, RTF insertion is not currently supported in Aspose.Words. That leaves you only with the option of inserting plain text into word document and apply formatting from code, which is not what you want if I have understood you correctly.

We plan to add RTF support to our library in the nearest future.