Problem with Row Spanning


I am generating a table and populating it with text from a database and
I am having a problem with extra row space being added to some cells
eventhough the rowspan is hard coded to 1. I have a trim on the
text coming out of the db and have checked for trailing space on all
text in there.

How I have it setup is. I create a table first then create a row and
add it. Then a new cell is created, text is added and formatted with
codes from the database. the cell is then added to the row. Finally I
set the column widths.

Attached is the output pdf I get when I run my program. The code can be emailed to you if needed to test.

I am using aspose.pdf.dll version




Thanks for considering Aspose.

Please update your DLL version to the latest for avoiding unexpected errors. If the problem still be there, please send me your codes at

We will test it and give you a reply soon.



I have updated to the latest version and tested but am still experiencing the same problems.

I sent you a zip file with the last run of the pdf and the code behind to help further diagnose this issue,




Dear Ray,

I guess the extra space is caused by the string in the cell. There may be some "carriage return" at the end of the string. Can you please debug your code and check the strings? If it still won't work, we need a runable example that can reprodce the error.