Problem with search in documentation

if a search for “confirmread” in documentatio, and if I click on the first result, I have a page with an error.

links are:

if I click on first result, i have this:

but the page is not displayed. there is just:

We are currently unable to serve your request

We apologize, but an error occurred and your request could not be completed.

This error has been logged. If you have additional information that you believe may have caused this error please report the problem here.

Dear Andrea,

Apparently, the api has been changed and the link you have found corresponds to outdated document, that’s why it does not display in documentation. We’ll sorry for inconvenience and will update documentation not to forward you to error page in such cases.

Based on the fact that I can’t find this ConfirmRead method in the list of available methods/properties at MailMessage Properties, I believe the method is obsolete.

Aspose.Network team will help you with it at

Problem with "MailMessage.ConfirmRead".