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Problem with TEXT-format iin .PDF

I have used this formula in Excel

=+CONCATENATE("stuff stuff ";TEXT(Input!C28;"d. mmmm åååå");" on account ";Input!C12)

In excel that formula becomes this

stuff stuff 31 October 2009 on account 000000000

However when I save this in Aspose.PDF the formula is being shown like this

stuff stuff 31-10-2009 00:00:00 on account 00000000000000

The value in cell Input!C28 is:

31-10-2009 00:00:00

Kind regards,

Winnie Schmidt


I’m sorry I’m not clear whether you’re using Aspose.Pdf.Kit or Aspose.Pdf. Can you please share which component are you referring to? And, how you’re trying to save this formula? Please share some code snippet, so we could better understand your issue and help you out.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.