Problem with text Justify


We have aspose.word 2.1.13 and aspose.pdf and we have a trouble with text full justification into a table cell.
If we save document with aspose.word in .doc format justification is correct, otherwise if we save with aspose.pdf in .pdf format we have text aligned to the left.
We remember that this problem was already fixed in previous version.
Is this correct ?




Thank you for considering Aspose.

Sorry.This problem has not been solved yet. Justify and full justify for multi-segment text is still not supported by Aspose.Pdf. We will support it later.


Have you got any idea when this can be supported ?
Have you planned this request ?
I'm sorry about this, we are developing a application with a large use of full justify .

Thank in advance


Dear m94655,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have to say sorry. This task is difficult and there are many other urgent tasks. I can’t support this in short time. Is it possible for you to use unique format for a text paragraph?