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Problem With WorkSheet.Copy

I'm currently using the version of Aspose.Excel (I have tried the newest version and that throws an out of bounds array index). The problem that is occurring is, when I copy a worksheet from one workbook to another, the copy command is malformation the copied worksheet. In addition to the formatting issues, the copy command is pulling data from worksheets another then the one specified as the source. In my case I have a worksheet with two tabs one with an English report and another with the same report in Spanish. I'm attempting to copy the English report into another Excel object, while the bulk of the report is coming over in English intermixed at various locations are portions of the Spanish report. The English report does not use any formulas and there are no referenced cells from the Spanish report.
As mentions earlier I attempted to upgrade to the lastes version but I receive an IndexOutOfBounds exception during this very same copy command. This functionality was working flawlessly in earlier versions, and has just cropped up when I upgraded to the version for the new licensing.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Would you please send your sample code and designer file to me? I will check it ASAP.