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Problems adding links to shapes

I currently have a ppt template that i read using aspose slides and then modified the template using the JAVA API's and finally I create a new ppt file. The problem is that I'm the only person that can open the final(output file) without any problem, any other developer will get a power point error trying to open the file. After a lot of testing and diggin, the problem is setting internal links in my presentation. If i only set ONLY one link then there's no problem but if i set more than one link then the other developers can't open the file but I still can.

Here is the scenario:

(Just to make it simple I did the following test)

-In my template I have 3 slides

-the 1st slide only contains 2 callouts

- 2nd and 3rd only a tittle

-Then programmatically I set some text to the callouts and add the links

**I'm including the template and the output file as an attachment**

What is really weird is that I'm only person that can open the file without any problems even if any other developer runs the same code and generates a new output file they can open it.

Here's the java method to add the links


* @param shape to add the link

* @param slide the slide to link to


private void setInternalShapeLink(Shape shape, Slide slide)


TextFrame tf = shape.getTextFrame();


Link link = tf.addLink();



We really need the links functionality in our project, any help would be great!


The created file is correct. There are no any errors. I tested it with PP2007, 2003, XP, 2000 and OpenOffice.
Are you sure other developers have rights to open this file?

Ok, don't open the file using winzip or any other compress tool. Save the output file locally in your machine and then try to open it. If I email the output file using Outlook to the other developers, they can opened it within outlook but not if they saved it locally in their machines. Plus one more thing that I have mentioned before is that it works if you set only one link but if you set two links or more doesn't work.

Thanks again,


Can someone please confirm this behavior?