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Problems Cloning Slides

I have a problem cloning slides. Our program reads in the same .ppt file with 7 slides and clones them a needed. There is only one .ppt file and it never changes.

Most the time cloneSlide works, but occasionally things don’t work properly and I get errors like the following in the log file:

Caused by: null^ null (java.lang.NullPointerException)
- sun.awt.font.AdvanceCache.get(
- java.awt.font.TextLayout$OptInfo.handleGetVisualBounds(
- sun.awt.font.Decoration.getVisualBounds(
- java.awt.font.TextLayout$OptInfo.getVisualBounds(
- java.awt.font.TextLayout.getBounds(
- com.aspose.powerpoint.en.(SourceFile:103)
- com.aspose.powerpoint.TextFrame.else(SourceFile:690)
- com.aspose.powerpoint.Shape.byte(SourceFile:971)
- com.aspose.powerpoint.Presentation.if(SourceFile:2912)
- com.aspose.powerpoint.Presentation.cloneSlide(SourceFile:1234)
- com.spinfish.toolbox.surveyui.ReportPPTView.createSlide(

So far I have not been able to figure out what may cause this.

Based on what your code is trying to do at this point do you have any suggestions what may cause this problem? Any suggestions that may help us narrow down the problem will be greatly appreciated!

I’m preparing new hot fix. It will be published in a few hours.
There are a lot of things with text rendering were changed.