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Problems downloading older version

We converted our ASP.NET app to be 64 bit compatible (built w/ CPU = Any in VS2010 and enable 32 bit apps in IIS = False). Having issues viewing documents generated using Aspose.Words - getting exception with “Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often
an indication that other memory is corrupt.”

No error occurs when I enable 32 bit app in IIS.

Based on forums, it looks like our version of Aspose.Words is 64 bit compatible (ver, but I can’t download it. Instead, when I click on the link the page redirects to the top of the downloads list (with latest version at the top).

The page I’m trying to get to is this:

Can someone confirm that version is 64-bit compatible and/or provide a download link that works?


Thanks for your request. Our internal policy does not allow us to share versions of products older than one year. You can only download versions of Aspose.Words available here:
Also how can I reproduce the problem with “memory”? Could you please attach the document and code which will allow me to reproduce the problem on my side?
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Thanks for the info.
In my opinion, even if download was not available for older products, the page should still load to see the information about that version.
Plus, if the download is not available, why not say so on the download page (either when it is loaded correctly or at the top of the new releases page)?
The last subscription email I received in 2008 said this:
So, what does the subscription expiration

When you first purchased your order you were given a one year subscription to
download and utilize new releases and hot fixes. After your subscription
expires you will still be able to download new releases and hot fixes; however,
they will not work with your current license file - you will be given an error.
There was no mention that I would not still be able to download the version that we paid for at a later date, nor that downloads over a year old would not be available. Maybe the new subscription expiration notification says this, I don’t know.
As a company, being able to download versions of the software that you have already purchased would generate a lot of goodwill.
Anyway, these are just suggestions. We’ve decided to renew our subscription and even upgrade to Aspose.Total. (which is partly the intent of not allowing older downloads, I suppose). If Aspose.Words was not such a quality product with quick support response, I would be much more disappointed.
Keep up the good work, but please keep these suggestions in mind - I’m sure I’m not the only customer who had this problem.

PS: Don’t worry about the memory issue. I’m almost certain it’s because we’re using the 32-bit version of Aspose.Words with a 64-bit environment. If we have problems with the newest version, I’ll open a separate ticket.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will keep it in mind. If you want to test Aspose products without the evaluation version limitations, you can request a 30-day Temporary License. Please refer to:
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