Problems generating Pdf


I am just trying Aspose.Word and have a question to following problem:

the supplied examples (here the invoice) work well for all formats.

When I try to integrate the invoice into my web application, I mader a new template with data of my application and it works for generating word documents and Html - but not for Pdf. I am getting the following messager from Adobe (6.0):

Acrobat could not open pa030601.fdf because it’s not supported or corrupted…

Searching for the reasons (I assured that the templates where identical and the data too) I noticed that the sample application generated it’s temporary files and the temporary image unter the directory

documents and settings\computername\ASPNET\local settings\temp

but that my application generated the temporary png image under the same directory, BUT the other tempfiles under the directory

documents and settings\computername\MY USERNAME\local settings\temp - my personal directory

I verified the permissions, but they are the same.

Maybe someone has an idea about what could be wrong ?



Please send your template or generated DOC file (if you save it as .DOC in Aspose.Word) to and to, we will have a look at the issue and report back asap.