Problems in conversion from PDF to Doc

I used Aspose PDF in order to convert a PDF file to a MS Word file.
It seems to work but the resulting .doc file is compound of many boxes and then is more or less useless if You want to modify it.
Is there any way to avoid this harmful behaviour and obtaing an editable text ?


Hi, Can you attach the document that is giving you the problems?

Also, What version of Aspose API are you using?

152621_Offer_20230220172822.7z (87.9 KB)
I uploaded the required file


I am confused, you said the problem is converting PDF to Word but you attach the result, a word document.

I need the file that is causing the issue, your source file. The PDF document.

I also asked you what version of Aspose.PDF API are you using.

Tmp.7z (27.2 KB)
I uploaded the pdf as well as the converted doc.
At present we use Aspeose 23.1 version.

I understand the problem, this happened because a major difference in how PDFs and Words documents are created.

MS Word documents are flow documents and they have structure very similar to Aspose.Words Document Object Model.
But on the other hand PDF documents are fixed page format documents.
So in order to match how a PDF fixed format looks like it must create all this boxes you are talking about so the text is positioned in the exactly same place as in the PDF counter part was.
Also keep in mind that this conversion does not guaranty 100% fidelity. But it will look similar enough,