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Problems scanning barcode 2of5 interleafed

Dear all,

I’m using Aspose.Barcode to create barcode labels used for the gathering of checkpoints within the field of production using barcode scanners. For that purpose I have created a document, containing all necessary information and the additional barcode. The document is created by the use of Aspose.Word.

At the moment I’m faced with the problem, that I’m not able to read the created barcode through a barcode scanner in a fast and easy way. In the most cases it takes more then 10 attempts to read the barcode successfully, based on the condition that the scanner is directly over the barcode. I have to use a 2of5 Interleafed barcode without a check digit. The length of the barcode is non-varying 12. The scanner is arranged for reading those barcodes only. It works fine with the originally provides barcodes by the manufacturer.

Enclosed you can find a document containing a barcode. Maybe you are able to help me to solve that problem. The barcode is created through the following lines of codes

BarCodeControl barcode = new BarCodeControl();

barcode.EnableCheckSum = false;

barcode.CodeLocation = CodeLocation.None;

barcode.SymbologyType = Symbology.Interleaved2of5;

barcode.Resolution.DpiX = 600f;

barcode.Resolution.DpiY = 600f;

barcode.BarHeight = 10;

barcode.AutoSize = true;

barcode.ShowBorder = false;

barcode.xDimension = 0.4f;

barcode.CodeText = Fahrzeug.FahrgestellnummerCodiert;

//Insert the barcode into the word document




barcode = null;

Thanks in advance.


Dear Erik,

Thanks for your considering Aspose.

Could you send me a document that you created using Aspose.Word and Aspose.BarCode. The Doc can bring us more info about the problem.

My mail: guangzhou #

Thanks very much.

Hi iret,

I thought that I attached a file. Nevertheless here it is again. I have deleted all other contents of the document. So it contains the barcode only. I will send you the file also via email.



Hy Kyle,

Sorry for the late reply. I have realized your settings and since 2 weeks we are using the new barcode. The processing of the barcodes created with the settings suggested by you works even better then my old settings. Nevertheless, older scanners are in the most cases unable to read the barcode (1 out of 10 attempts are successful). It would be create, if you could improve the quality of the barcodes, so that older scanners are also able to read this code without any problems. (The original barcode or an barcode created by the use of a barcode font can be handled without any problems even if I use older scanners)

Thanks for your support


Dear Erik,

Thanks for your post,

We will do something to trace the root and work it out.

Could you give me some sample images or documents which present a barcode image and provide a good accept rate for your old scanner? It is good for me to find what is the image that your scanner likes most.

Thanks very much.

Hi Kyle,

Attached you can find a barcode that works fine, even for older scanners. I’m able to read this code with any scanner with only one attempt. Please let me know whether you have found a solution.



Hi Kyle,

did you find something out?



Dear Erik,

Sorry for any delay.

Our team is still working on this issue. It seems the word document makes something different.

Could you help to test about the doc that I attached and tell me the result?

Thanks very much.

Hi Kyle,

the new barcodes doesn’t work even better. I was only able to scan the first barcode 2 times and the third barcode 1 time (over 30 attempts per barcode). Please let me know, if you need support to test the barcodes.


Hi, Erik,

Are you sure you have to use the 2of5 barcode standard? Our experience shows the code128 could be much more acceptable.


One more question, could you tell me the exact width and height (in millimeter)of the barcode image that you attached previous created by your font?

We need to the detail to trace the problem.

Thanks very much.

I use this barcode with two different sizes (width x height) :

1. 49 x 18

2. 54,5 x 28