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Problems using this object from ActiveX interface

We’re trying to use this object from VB script and it’s almost impossible to do so. VBScript will send everything as VARIANTs and arrays of VARIANTs. The object excepts arrays of strings and arrays ob objects. Also exporting the TLBs doesn’t seem to work correctly. I would presume this is because of overloaded function calls. Is anyone using these objects from a scripting system? I thought they was supposed to support ActiveX and .NET. It is possible to write our own .NET object with a proper COM object around this stuff, but we’d have to do this for all of the objects in the library?!
Any suggestions?

Hi Andy,

Please check Though it refers to Aspose.Word, it also works for Aspose.Excel.

About overloaded functions, for example, Excel.Save method, you can try Excel.Save_1, Excel.Save_2 … in you VB script. I am not good at COM programming so I don’t know how to deal with array of strings issue.

Writing your own .NET wrapper for Aspose.Excel and expose the desired interface to COM is a good idea. Some other users had done it. And I don’t think you have to do this for all objects. Exposing some desired objects is enough.