Problems with document save on production server

I’m using Aspose Words and it works on my local machine and my development server.
But, when I do a doc.Save on the production server, instead of trying to download my document, it asks if I want to save “default_aspx” and then gives a “Cannot download that document” error message.

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Thanks for your inquiry. Please provide me your code.
Try using this method.

doc.Save("Report.doc", SaveFormat.Doc, SaveType.OpenInWord, Response);

Also please check your permissions on production server.
Best regards.

My event handler follows. I know it’s finding the license and merge document and making it to the doc.Save line. As you can see, I’m already using the form of the Save method you suggested.
Now, the part about permissions is more interesting. I have given full read/write permissions for my entire website to the “Network Services” user. Anything else I need?
BTW: The production server uses SSL.

Private Sub cmdReport_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdReport.Click
Dim oReportsCont As New ReportsController
Dim oReportsInfo As ReportsInfo = oReportsCont.ReportsGet(CInt(cboReportType.SelectedValue))
Dim sRptPath As String = DotNetNuke.Common.Globals.ApplicationPath + REPORT_ROOT
Dim license As license = New license
license.SetLicense(Server.MapPath(sRptPath + "Aspose.Words.lic"))
Dim doc As Document = New Document(Server.MapPath(sRptPath + oReportsInfo.ReportLocation))
Dim builder As DocumentBuilder = New DocumentBuilder(doc)
Dim bookmarks As bookmarks = doc.Range.Bookmarks
Dim bookmark As bookmark
Dim iFacultyID As Integer = 0
If cboFaculty.Visible Then
iFacultyID = CInt(cboFaculty.SelectedValue)
End If
For Each bookmark In bookmarks
'builder.Font.Bold = True
'builder.Font.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Red
Select Case bookmark.Name
Case "FacultyName"
builder.Font.Bold = True
' Faculty Review Bookmarks
Case "FacultyInfo"
AddFacultyInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "StudySections"
AddStudySectionInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Grants"
AddGrantInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "ClinicalActivities"
AddClinicalActivitiesInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Students"
AddStudentInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Recruits"
AddRecruitInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Departures"
AddDepartureInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Collaborations"
AddCollaborationInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Relationships"
AddRelationshipInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Editorships"
AddEditorshipInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Honors"
AddHonorInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Lectureships"
AddLectureshipInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Affiliations"
AddAffiliationInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Committees"
AddCommitteeInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Teachings"
AddTeachingInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Residents"
AddResidentInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "ClinicalFellows"
AddClinicalFellowInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "PostdoctoralFellows"
AddPostdoctoralFellowInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Presentations"
AddPresentationInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Publications"
AddPublicationInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
Case "Books"
AddBookInfo(builder, iFacultyID)
'Annual Report Bookmarks
Case "FacultyResearchInterests"
Case "StudySectionsList"
Case "PublicHealthServiceGrantList", "FederalGrantList", "LocalGrantList", "SocietyGrantList", "IndustryGrantList", "VAMCGrantList"
AddGrantsList(builder, bookmark.Name)
Case "GraduateResearchersList"
AddGraduateStudentsList(builder, True)
Case "NewRecruitsList"
Case "IntramuralCollaborationsList", "ExtramuralCollaborationsList"
AddCollaborationsList(builder, bookmark.Name)
Case "RelationshipsList"
Case "EditorshipsHonorsEtcList"
Case "TeachingHonorsList"
Case "UPMCResidentsList"
AddResidentsList(builder, False)
Case "OtherResidentsList"
AddResidentsList(builder, True)
Case "ClinicalFellowsList"
Case "PostdoctoralFellowsList"
Case "GraduateStudentsList"
AddGraduateStudentsList(builder, False)
Case "FacultyTeachingList"
Case "InvitedPresentations"
Case "ResearchFacultyList"
AddFacultyList(builder, True)
Case "ClinicalFacultyList"
AddFacultyList(builder, False)
Case "FacultyPublications"
Case "FacultyChapters"
End Select
doc.Save(oReportsInfo.ReportLocation, SaveFormat.Doc, SaveType.OpenInWord, Response)
Catch Ex As Exception
ProcessModuleLoadException(Me, Ex)
End Try
End Sub

Thanks for additional information. I found this article. Maybe this could be useful in your case.
Hope this helps.
Best regards.

Found the answer!
After reading this thread on another forum:
I changed my save call to:

doc.Save(oReportsInfo.ReportLocation, SaveFormat.Doc, SaveType.OpenInWord, Response)

and it works now. You may wish to update your code.