Problems with Excel 97


When I produce my spreadsheet I choose 97 format but my 97 end-user cannot open the file, it hangs Excel. If however I open in in my Excel 2003 and save as 97, I get a significantly smaller file and the user can open it successfully.

Is this a known problem of some sort? It is critically important for us and we expected 97 support in the product as stated.

If you let me know the address I can email you the files.


You can post your files here. The attached file is private and it can only be viewed by you and Aspose developers.

However, if you do want to send by email. Please zip and send it to


ZIP of two files is attached. Actually when I save via Excel in the older format, the file gets bigger but the user can then open it in Excel 97.

In my code I use:

excel.Save(filePath, FileFormatType.Excel97);

Are there any known issues with Excel 97 support? It's quite worrying as we'd assumed this was a formality given the obvious support in the Save() call.



Are these two files all your template? I can open both of them in Excel97 successfully. Could you please send me the file which hangs in Excel97?

I use AuditExport_GSK_GlobalStds.xls as template and convert the file to Excel97 format with Aspose.Excel. The generated file can also be opened in Excel97 but some colors are lost. I will check and fix this issue.

By the way, which version of Aspose.Excel are you using?