Problems with fix


Yesterday I received aspose.excel.dll, that fixed problem with wrong encoding in comments.

But now this build fails to open any excel document with error: end of stream reached.

Examples of documents in attachment.




Aspose.Excel.Excel exc = new Aspose.Excel.Excel();



catch(Exception e)




Console.WriteLine("that's all");



Yes. We found this problem this morning. Please try this version.


Sorry. I cant download attachment…


Please give me an email address. I will send it to you.


Please try to download it here again.


Another strange behaviour:

I open document read data from it and add comment to wrong cells, or modify some cells.

after save some cells contains garbage...

Attach contains sample of this behavior. Initially document has "A" in cells.

Code add "A" to prev value and add comment "A". Resulted documents contains cell with value -

uMknP67S1GB97GZgNb A


document is broken by reading


Aspose.Excel.Excel exc = new Aspose.Excel.Excel();


Aspose.Excel.Worksheet ws = exc.Worksheets[0];

for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)


for(byte j = 0; j < 10; j++)


string s = ws.Cells[i, j].StringValue;




mamba1.xls wiil have garbage in some cells


This is an evaluation limitation. Please check .


Ok. thank a lot.