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Problems with hyperlinks on Excel 2007

Hello everyone!

I am working on a project which requires sending monthly / yearly reports to clients, and we are using Java + Aspose.Cells on top of an already created Excel template file.

Currently, my team is using both Excel 2002 and Excel 2007 (no idea which version the clients are using) and we began noticing that sometimes Excel 2007 doesn’t show things exactly like Excel 2002, and sometimes there are even errors that shouldn’t appear. This post is about one of those errors.

At the beginning of our report, we show the begin date and the end date for the data present in the report (see attachments). In Excel 2002, it shows the dates fine. In Excel 2007, not so much…

Now, how does this happen? The end date is being picked from another sheet in the report, an Appendix sheet with the parameters used to generate the report (one of them is the mentioned end date). The begin date is equal to the end date minus 330 days. But instead of referring to the specific cell in the Appendix, we are referring to a Name defined in the Workbook, called _date, which points to that specific cell in the Appendix. So, in the original template, the cell formula for the end date reads


Curiously enough, when we generate the report with Aspose, if we open it with Excel 2002 it now reads

=‘Set - STP by Market’!_date – Set - STP by Market is another sheet

and in Excel 2007 it reads

=‘AXA _2127_2011-10-27.xls’!Print_Titles – No longer points to the right Name defined, and now it points to the file instead of a sheet.

Why does this happen? Is it something related to Aspose?

Ah, I must also mention one thing: this is a huge report at the moment, and we are deleting some sheets in the process, depending on the client’s typology, because we don’t want them to see everything. I have learned at my own cost that deleting some of the sheets (currently using Aspose.Cells 2.5.4) causes some problems, specifically with hyperlinks that stop pointing to anything (because their targets don’t exist anymore), and Names that stop being referenced correctly.

Should I stop using the Names and use the specific cell in the Appendix, to avoid this problem?

Is this a bug in Aspose version 2.5.4? I don’t know if you still support that version.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the long explanation! Hope I was thorough enough.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Well it should work fine with both Names and Cell Reference. It looks very strange that you get different displays in MS Excel 2007 and 2002. Anyways, as you are using an older version for which we are not sure. We cannot evaluate or fix any issue in the older version e.g 2.5.4. The fixes are based on the most recent version of the product. Currently we have launched v7.0.2 and since the release of version 7.0.0 (See the release notes of v7.0.0 to know about all the details and check especially, “Notable Changes for the Existing Users” table to know more about the changed APIs set:, we made tremendous changes in the API structures to equally mach the features and APIs with Aspose.Cells for .NET, so you might change your existing code segments accordingly of if you need to try latest versions. We recommend you to try our latest version v7.0.2:

If you still find the issue, give us your sample code segment and template file to show the issue you mentioned. We will figure it out (if you we found the issue).

Hello again,

I downloaded version 7.0.2 and now the hyperlinks are ok for both Excel 2002 and Excel 2007. =)

I am seeing different problems now, related to graphs, but I will open a new thread for this.

Thanks for the quick response!