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Problems with license file under .Net 2.0


are there any known problems with the license file
using .NET 2.0?

We can now only generate demo-Word files (with Evalution "signs")
after we published our project using VS 2005.

Thank you,

Mirjam Rupp

Hello Mirjam,

As far as I know there were no problems reported concerning usage of the license file under .NET 2.0.

Please make sure that SetLicense method actually gets executed in your application by setting breakpoint and running in debug mode.

Hello Vladimir,

thank you for your quick response.

The problem exists only in the productive system - release version on server.
In my Debug-Session everything works fine.

I noticed that theres no random-text, theres "only" the Red Message is shown.
We are not using the newest dll - maybe this is the cause?

Mirjam Rupp

Ok, to clarify things a little bit please answer the following questions:

1. Do you have an ASP.NET or Windows Forms application?

2. What IDE are you using to develop and debug the app - VS2003 or VS2005?

3. How do you deploy the application on a target machine?

4. What version of .NET the target machine has?

5. How is the license file included in application - as an embedded resource, resides in application directory, or is placed in Aspose.Word installation directory?

6. Where have you put a SetLicense method - in form constructor, Application_Start method or somewhere else?

Please include all other information you consider relevant to help us localize the problem.

I'm trying to give you the required information.

There are several clients (ASP.NET and Winforms)

We are using VS2005.
The deployment is done with click-once-technology.
The targetmachine has .NET 2.0

The license file is included as embedded resource (Its in bin of the App)

The set licence is put in the webservice which is called when a report
has to be generated.

I'm not aware of any further relevant information.

Thank you very much again!

Mirjam Rupp

We generally recommend including the license activation code to Application_Start method of Global.asax file. Try it, it should help. Also check the template doc files, maybe they were modified accidentally and now have the evaluation signs already set.

Also, if your license file is included to project as an embedded resource then it's included inside dll after compilation and there's no need to put it in application deployment directory.