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Problems with table object


I created table object in apose.powerpoint and I have 2 problems:

1. some boderlines do not appear.

2. when I resized table, the powerpoint will become no response.

How can I solve them?


This problem is very rare now and I can’t reproduce it.
I need exact example how you created and changed table.
Do you use last version of Aspose.PowerPoint or Aspose.Slides?

My code :

Aspose.PowerPoint.Table table = slide.Shapes.AddTable(100,100,1500,1000,3,3);

for(int i=0;i<table.RowsNumber;i++)


for(int j=0;j<table.ColumnsNumber;j++)


Aspose.PowerPoint.Cell cell = table.GetCell(j,i);

Aspose.PowerPoint.Paragraph para = new Aspose.PowerPoint.Paragraph();

Aspose.PowerPoint.Portion por = new Aspose.PowerPoint.Portion();

por.Text = i.ToString() + j.ToString();






and a file demo for my problems.

I'm using version aspose.powerpoint

You should update it. Please download and install Aspose.Slides.
We fixed most of table’s problems in the last 3 months.

Thanks for your helping. I solved myproblems asked you. but still a small problem, how can I set color for borderline of table?

Thank so much.

Border for the all borders in a table or just border around whole table?

For changing all borders please check Table.SetBorders function.
For border of table you should iterate cell and change color of external borders.