Problems with Tabstops


I’ve tried a bunch of different ways but cant get tabstops to work, I’m using the latest dll.

Code used:

Dim pdfTabstop As New TabStop

defenitionBody1.TabStops = New Aspose.Pdf.TabStops

pdfTabstop = defenitionBody1.TabStops.Add(150, TabLeaderType.Dot)

I’ve also tried the code in your documentation but found it did not work for me aswell.

'Create a text object

Dim t1 As Aspose.Pdf.Text = New Aspose.Pdf.Text(

“This is a example for custom TAB stop positions.”)

'Call Add method of TabStops and pass a specified position as argument

t1.TabStops = New TabStops t1.TabStops.Add(150)

'Initialize an instance of TabStops and call Add method with specified

'position and tab leader type as Dot

t1.TabStops.Add(350, TabLeaderType.Dot)

I’m sure it is some sort of stupid error on my part.



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We will investigate this issue and give you a reply ASAP.


We have not made things clear in our documents. We will modify the documents about this issue to make it more meaningful.

I don't know how to write a tab into a string in VB code. It seems it won't work if I press the tab key. I tried using #$TAB and it works: "This#$TABis a example..."


The problem is I need to create a list, so I need to have some sort of bullet for a number of items.

The #$TAB works, but how can I get bullets infront of them??


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Please refer to the online documents about :