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Product evaluation issues

I am currently testing the Aspose PDF product. For now, I am having many issues and would like to know if those are known issues:

  1. Generating a PDF/A directly from C# seems to take forever for big files (1.5 hours and not finished for a 68 Mb text file loaded in memory).
  2. Conversion of most images files to PDF/A is not passing the veraPDF validation (or PDF association online validation). Some examples, from veraPDF, we have:
    For a GIF file and a PNG file :
    An XObject dictionary shall not contain the SMask key
    For a PDF file :
    The % character of the file header shall occur at byte offset 0 of the file. The first line of a PDF file is a header identifying the version of the PDF specification to which the file conforms
    For a TXT file:
    The font programs for all fonts used within a conforming file shall be embedded within that file, as defined in PDF Reference 5.8, except when the fonts are used exclusively with text rendering mode 3
    If a document information dictionary does appear at a document, then all of its entries that have analogous properties in predefined XMP schemas, shall also be embedded in the file in XMP form with equivalent values.
    Properties specified in XMP form shall use either the predefined schemas defined in XMP Specification, or extension schemas that comply with XMP Specification
    The PDF/A version and conformance level of a file shall be specified using the PDF/A Identification extension schema.

Here is the code I use to export TXT to PDF/A
var txtDocument = new Document();
txtDocument.Convert(outputLogStream, PdfFormat.PDF_A_1B, ConvertErrorAction.Delete);
var txtPage = txtDocument.Pages.Add();
var text = new TextFragment(File.ReadAllText(file));

Any help appreciated.


Thanks for contacting support.

Please note that there is no limitation in the API in terms of file size. However, some issues can be related to document complex structure and they need to be investigated for possible solution. We request you to share a sample PDF document with us so that we can observe this behavior in our environment and address it accordingly.

Would you kindly try using Adobe Preflight tool for validation of PDF/A files and in case some issues are being noticed, please share the PDF file for our reference so that they can be investigated accordingly.